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Galana Energies Limited has over the years leveraged on it’s capacity and expertise to participate in the Open Tender System (OTS) and currently under the Government to Government (G to G) framework in the importation of petroleum products into the country. This has been a framework under the guidance of the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum for importation of petroleum products in the country. By competitively participating in the tendering process, Galana Energies has over the years ensured that the country and the East African Region is well supplied with best quality petroleum products at the most competitive prices in the international market.

Galana Energy’s Supply and Trading arm is a vital link in our company’s value chain, ensuring that we have adequate and reliable access to petroleum products. The Supply and Trading arm also monitors and manages market risks and opportunities associated with the commodity trading activities, and strives to optimize the value of the company’s physical and financial portfolio.

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We offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at availing products to various sectors, including the broader energy industry. Our primary objective is to assist our customers and the country meet their energy needs effectively. Supply and Trading serves as a vital link between the petroleum industry and its customers, guaranteeing consistent and reliable supply of energy products to meet the country’s energy needs. Through a combination of market analysis, risk management, logistics expertise, and international trade, it plays a key role in ensuring energy security and stability in the marketplace.

Some of the notable
accomplishments include

The company has achieved significant milestones since it started Trading in 2005, cementing its position as a prominent player in the petroleum industry in Kenya. Over the years, it has consistently been among the top three companies supplying fuel to the country at any given time, solidifying its reputation as a reliable energy provider.