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29 Feb
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Galana Energies’ Team-Building 2024

As the Galana Energies team, we recently hosted a transformative team-building event, fostering cohesion and growth among us. Through a series of collaborative activities, everyone got a chance to hone their communication and problem-solving skills, forging stronger bonds and a deeper sense of camaraderie.

We also got a chance to hear from our leaders on our plans for the near future. We got a chance to hear about our ongoing ISO certification process and the exciting business avenues it will open for Galana Energies. We also got to take a deeper dive into understanding our brand’s strategy for the future - building on what we had learned during our Staff Launch last year:

Moreover, the event provided ample opportunities for informal interactions, fostering genuine connections and trust among team members. We took a lot of steps towards breaking down the silos that have developed within our different departments and teams.

Whether through shared challenges or moments of triumph, the experience cultivated a supportive environment where individuals felt valued and understood.

Ultimately, Galana Energies' team building initiative not only strengthened teamwork but also nurtured personal growth and interpersonal relationships, laying a solid foundation for future success. We look forward to a year filled with more opportunities for growing our success as a team!

Also, no one can forget the captivating talk we got on personal branding, empowering us to refine our professional identities and maximise our potential within the organisation. This session not only inspired personal development but also instilled a collective understanding of each member's unique strengths and contributions. If you want a refresher - you can watch the full video here!